Aaron Poochigian: Poet and Translator

Whether you think about it or not, poetry is in our daily lives.  I attended a poetry reading with visiting writer, Aaron Poochigian, at Thompson Library this past week.  At first I really had no idea what to expect but as the reading concluded, I realized how poetry can impact us directly.  At Poochigian’s first job at the University of Utah, he filled his time on weekends when other campus students went home with poetry.  For him, weekends consisted of homeless people gathering in the Student Union where he would translate poetry.  Poochigian explained in the reading how he had been writing poetry since he was 18.  In his book published in 2012, The Cosmic Purr, he said only two poems he wrote at that age made it in.

The message I took away from Aaron Poochigian’s reading is that we may not be poets ourselves but taking a poetry class, going to readings or trying to find poetry elements is a start.  Something that we are writing now for class or something we may be doing on weekends, may actually be used again in our lives.  Whether we are ever published or not, we are making an impact on ourself and whoever we share it with.  Poetry is all around us and we just need to open our eyes to see it daily.  I learned so much from this reading with Aaron Poochigian and I would challenge you to visit his website or find another reading offered on campus.


Visit Aaron Poochigian’s website: