Just A Farmer

As I was surfing the web I stumbled upon a poem titled “I am Just a Farmer Plain and Simple” by Bobby Collier.  The poem is often read at funerals of farmers as a tribute to their lifestyle.   The line in the poem that reads “But I am a man who loves his job and the life I live” really sums up how a farmer feels.  A farmer is “Not of a royal birth but rather a worker of the earth.”  A farmer works to make a living off the earth but not without the challenges of rain and drought.  A farmer takes the good with the bad both in life and the business of agriculture.  “I am a man who works with God, I cannot succeed without his help” is another line that I found very vital to this poem.  Most farmers I know attend church regularly and are very involved in the community.  The title “I am Just a Farmer Plain and Simple” is how most think of themselves.  In reality after you read the poem a farmer is not as plain and simple as one would think.